Creating, Sharing and Monitoring Information
via mobile and the cloud

Mobile Cloud Systems

Our aim is to aid organisations working within the construction industry with lean management through storing, monitoring and creating data in a paperless environment.  We do this via the supply and support of our PIMeo platform coupled with Samsung tablet devices.

Our solution is simple, yet powerful, in structure and has been built by construction managers for construction management.

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Mobile Cloud Systems, PIMeo platform is a monitoring and collaborative solution which operates in the cloud.

PIMeo forms the nerve centre for virtually all of the activities associated with operating an efficient construction project. It works across all operating systems and devices. It creates a paperless environment where all recorded activities are stored, in the cloud, where they can be access in real time for monitoring and compliance purposes.

PIMeo can benefit your business by:
  • Alerting senior management to financial issues early in a project
  • Reducing labour waste in your daily business operations
  • Aiding your site team with compliance of both Health and Safety and Quality Assurance systems
  • Forming an integral part in dispute resolution
PIMeo can work along side your existing setup, there is not need to upgrade any of your existing systems.

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Tablet Device

Mobile Cloud Systems, offers our clients an overall solution, not only do we supply the PIMeo software, we can also furnish your employees with mobile devices to aid your company in creating a paperless environment.

We utilise tablet computers from Samsung as part of our solution to assist your employees in their everyday activities. 

We also supply covers from Otterbox to protect the tablet devices from their harsh working environment.

Samsung devices  work in tandem with our PIMeo platform to ensure that all generated work in site is recorded and stored in a safe and efficient manner.

The Samsung devices are:
  • Robust enough to withstand the rigors of a construction site
  • Have excellent battery life
  • Very reliable 


Google Apps for Work

Mobile Cloud Systems is an authorised reseller of Google Apps for Work and is certified to carry out training on same.
Google Apps for Work is a suite of applications where your company’s email and data are managed. One great advantage of this system is that it backs up your email automatically and without any hassle. 

Our PIMeo platform can operate independently of setting up Google Apps for Work.

Google Apps Partner
Google Apps Certified Trainer

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