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The PIMeo platform gives management an insight into how all live projects are performing financially, in real time.

Senior Management

The PIMeo platform allows senior management to gain an insight as to how each live project is performing both financially and on the ground. Consequently, the PIMeo platform can:
  • Allow senior management to determine if a project will be successful and possibly make decisions in terms of resources to make the project successful
  • Ease pressure on the Commercial Department through saving time in having to prepare detailed monthly financial reports
  • Form the basis of monthly progress meetings by examining:
    • Health and Safety issues
    • Quality Assurance performance
    • Client issues
    • Delay and disruption items
    • Financials, etc
All of the above items can easily be accessed and monitored via the PIMeo platform on any device.
Senior Management

Estimating Department

The PIMeo platform will form the basis for all tendering work carried out by the Estimating Department. It has the capabilities to:
  • Issue packages to subcontractors in a folder format that can easily be downloaded by the subcontractor for pricing purposes
  • Appoint and set up subcontractors on the system. A database is maintained of subcontractors where key information is contained allowing members in the Estimating Department to determine if the subcontractor is suitable for a particular package
  • Assemble a tender for submission to a client
  • Allow senior estimators assemble a database of rates which can be utilised by other members in the estimating team when pricing certain elements of work
  • Grant senior management access to monitor the Estimating Department’s success rate in winning new work
Estimating Department

Dispute Resolution

As all of the information contained within the PIMeo platform is stored and backed up on the cloud, consequently, the platform can aid in the assembly of a defence to resolve a dispute by:
  • Accessing and searching for required information in an efficient manner, this can also include emails
  • Give a detailed history of daily events highlighting items such as, but not limited to:
    • Weather experienced
    • Delay and disruption occurrences
    • Progress on site on a daily basis
  • All of the information is backed up even if an employee accidentally or on purpose deletes key information from the system
  • Highlighting all of the information that was missing from the drawings and documents issued by the client. This is carried in conjunction with the site team.
Dispute Resolution