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Head Office

The PIMeo platform allows your organisation to centrally control and monitor all site operations from your head office. It is a place where appropriate information can be communicated to all staff members in an efficient manner.

Human Resources

The PIMeo platform allows the HR Department to collect and share applicable information with all company employees, such as:
  • Company policies, for example, contracts of employment
  • Database of each employees qualifications and training record
  • Training events
  • Booking leave, giving access to employees to request annual leave via a portal which can be monitored by HR and management
  • Agreed annual leave, informing employees of the days in the year that the company will be closed for business

Human Resources

Quality Assurance

The PIMeo solution gives the QA Department and all those working within the QA system a paperless environment in which to carry out their work. The PIMeo platform will generate greater efficiencies in the QA Department by:
  • Being able to carry out desktop audits from head office, the QA manager will be able to establish if a given site is carrying out their duties without having to visit the site
  • Issuing all drawings and documents to site via the platform, this can reduce the requirement for a full time document controller on site, reducing prelim costs on a given site
  • Developing a hub where all QA guidance documents can be accessed efficiently
  • Create a QA league where sites are scored and monitored on their implementation of the company QA system
Quality Assurance

Health and Safety

The H+S Department can communicate and share with all working in the company via the PIMeo platform by:
  • Having a library of Method Statements and Toolbox Talks Templates that can be utilised for bespoke situation on a given project 
  • Developing a hub where all H+S guidance documents can be accessed efficiently
  • Bringing Safety Alerts to the attention of all
  • Creating a H+S league where sites are scored and monitored on Health and Safety performance
  • Forming a database of employees and the equipment each is authorised to use

Health + Safety


The PIMeo platform can aid with the procurement of both plant and material between head office and site by:
  • Providing a system for the transfer of plant between sites
  • Forming a database of daily orders from site which head office can action
  • Containing all guidance documents for the use of plant and materials
  • Providing real time costs spent on any given project
  • Giving site teams access to a database of various suppliers that the company uses