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The PIMeo platform gives your site management team the tools to operate their project in a paperless environment.

Incoming Information

All drawings and specifications are uploaded to the PIMeo platform from head office. This gives your organisation:
  • Greater control ensuring that the latest information is always available to site
  • Reduces prelim site costs as there is no need for a full time document controller
  • The ability to access all drawings and specifications via mobile device, potentially saving on printing costs

Incoming Information

Site Generated Information

Quality Assurance

Site personnel generate a lot of paperwork via:
  • Quality Assurance check sheets
  • Non Conformance Reports
  • Request for Information
  • Site Diaries, etc
The PIMeo platform allows users to generate these forms and more on any device whether it be a personal computer or a mobile phone. The filing of each form is carried out as soon as the form is submitted to the system. This also makes the retrieval of the form more efficient in the future should it be required to settle a dispute.
Quality Assurance

Health and Safety

The PIMeo platform will aid site personnel in meeting health and safety requirements on site by:
  • Accessing method statements and toolbox talk templates and turning these into a bespoke document for a given site situation
  • Recording site operatives next of kin details during the induction process (to be taken with the consent of the operative)
  • Accessing and downloading statutory check sheets for signing off work on site
  • Allowing users access to a database of important emergency contact details that are applicable to the site

Health + Safety