What We Do

Mobile Cloud Systems brings together our cloud based platform, PIMeo, and Samsung tablet devices to aid efficiency throughout the workforce


Implementing our PIMeo platform at your business

Liaise with your business

  Liaising on Google Apps for Work Initially we will meet with representatives of your business to get an understanding of your company's needs and to establish how best to introduce our solution to your employees.

Set up the PIMeo platform

  Google Apps for Work Setup We can set up the PIMeo platform based on feedback received from our initial meeting with your company.

Provide a comprehensive set of training sessions for the PIMeo

  Training for Google Apps for Work While the PIMeo system is intuitive to use, some members of your management team will require training on the platform to become familiar with its various features.
We appreciate that it can be difficult to release employees for training sessions during the typical working day, hence, we will coordinate each training session with you and tailor them to have the least impact on your daily operations.