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Document Management and Financial Reporting for your projects
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Monitor Quality, Health & Safety, Labour, Plant and Materials
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Carry out Building Control checks on both Commercial and Residential Projects
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Monitor construction costs, plant, materials, quality assurance, health and safety on all construction projects using PIMeo

by Mobile Cloud Systems Ltd

Better than paper ….

A document management and cost control system for construction & consulting companies of all sizes

Financial Monitoring

All Construction Costs from Labour to Plant are monitored, indicating a project’s performance


Order & track both internal & external plant. Requisition Materials for all project works

Health & Safety

Upload all of your safety inspections for future reference and record all site inductions

Quality Assurance

Create Forms for your Quality Assurance checks and use them both on and offline

Document Management

Stores and gives access to all documents generated on a construction project

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PIMeo Features

PIMeo is a flexible document management and cost control platform that is design to meet the requirements of any construction project

Cross Platform

PIMeo Works on all operating systems including Windows, Android and iOS

PIMeo works on Windows, Android and iOS devices
Create forms on PIMeo

Create Forms/Checklists

PIMeo’s Form Creator allows your organisation to build forms/checklists that meet your Quality Assurance, Health & Safety and general requirements

Bespoke Solution

PIMeo can incorporate your company logo and colours delivering a bespoke solution to your organisation.
Documents generated from PIMeo will include your company name and logo

Banagher Precast Concrete using PIMeo for their QA checks and Document Management
PIMeo works offline too

Works Offline

Create and save your work even when there is no internet connection, very useful when working in remote locations

PIMeo Helping You

PIMeo forms the nerve centre for virtually all of the activities carried out in running an efficient construction operation

Monitor project construction costs

Track & monitor project construction costs, such as:

  • Preliminary costs
  • Labour costs
  • Subcontract valuations
  • Plant and material costs
  • Client valuations

PIMeo also gives the Estimating Dept the capabilities to:

  • Appoint and set up subcontractors on to the platform
  • Tender for work
  • Monitor their success rate in obtaining new work
Monitor all of your project costs with PIMeo
Get work done without paper by using PIMeo

Construction without paper

Documentation, such as, but not limited to:

  • Quality Assurance check sheets
  • Requests for Information
  • Staff Allocations
  • Non Conformance Reports
  • Site Diaries

can be generated by PIMeo via mobile devices on site.
Losing information is eliminated. Searching for required items becomes very efficient.

Track construction operations

Control & monitor project operations from your head office.

Departments such as: ​

  • Quality Assurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Procurement
  • Human Resources

can use the system to track information to and from site.

Devices for powering PIMeo

Mobile devices for construction

Use mobile devices that are suited to construction projects.
In addition to PIMeo, we can supply mobile devices that are:

  • Robust and suited to the rigours of a construction site
  • Have excellent battery life
  • Very reliable

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What Our Clients Say…

Banagher Precast Concrete using to PIMeo
Working with PIMeo has allowed us to monitor operating costs in real-time, aiding efficiency with production & with tendering future work. It has also eliminated paper in our Quality Assurance system, saving our checkers considerable time daily. We further use it track the costs of Non Conformance items in both the factory and on site
Brendan Mahon
MD - Banagher Precast Concrete
poga engineers using to PIMeo
We use PIMeo to carry out our Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (BCaR) inspections. It stores all our checks including photographs through all stages of the build process. We generate our inspection reports while on site saving us an enormous amount of time (reduced admin in the office). The stored inspections are easy to track and retrieve and can be passed on to third parties should the need arise
Paul Moran
MD - poga Consulting Engineers
SAP Landscapes
Mobile Cloud Systems supply and support hardware systems to all our maintenance teams. We can  record, track and monitor each teams' daily work electronically while they are on the go
Geoff Moran
MD - SAP Landscapes

About Us

Mobile Cloud Systems via its PIMeo platform enables Small and Medium Sized Construction Businesses to take advantage of both cloud and mobile computing

We have over 20 years experience in managing construction projects in both the UK and Ireland with values ranging from €1m to €200m. Couple this management experience with our expertise in both cloud and mobile computing and we can aid your business to become more efficient from both financial and operating aspects.

We have an experienced management/support team who will work will all stakeholders to ensure that the implementation and operation of our solution is a success in your business.

​Mobile Cloud Systems is well used to working in team environments and bringing a project to a successful conclusion. Through our bespoke training sessions, we will work with your team of employees to make PIMeo a success at your company.

Please give us a call to arrange a demonstration of PIMeo at your office’s.

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